Rory Clark, Director – Global Ministries









John Sauceda, Director – Operations

John started working with BLF in June 2001 as our Bookkeeper.  He has provided Administrative leadership for all of the back office functions of BLF since 2011.  In November 2017 he was named as our Director of Operations.  He and his wife Connie have been married for forty years and have two grown children.  He works full time at Moody Bible Institute in the Information Technology area and serves as the Elder Chair at his church.






Nathan & Annie Phillips – Missionaries BLF Éditions

Nathan and Annie Phillips were both born into strong Christian families and accepted Christ as Savior and Lord at young ages. Nathan grew up in Seattle, Washington and Annie in central California. Nathan worked for one year at BLF as a Graphic Design intern in 2005/2006 and returned to full-time service in 2008. Annie arrived in France on a 10-day Impressions Team in 2010. That short experience led her to return for a one-year commitment in 2011.

Nathan and Annie were married in 2012 and after their return to BLF in France the following Spring, their responsibilities expanded beyond graphic artistry and order preparation. Nathan began handling much of BLF’s graphic design needs including laying out the books page by page, as well as the other small graphic projects like newsletters, signs, business cards, etc. He is also very involved in keeping the inventory organized and up-to-date. Annie started learning how to do more than the orders. She organized contracts, troubleshooted BLF’s database, helped Nathan with the inventory, and entered BLF’s accounting data. Since their son Benjamin arrived in July 2016, her duties have decreased, but there are a few hours a week when she can get some BLF work completed.

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Russ & Mary Ann Miller – Missionaries at Large

After many years as missionaries in French-speaking Africa, Russ and Mary Ann began their adventure with BLF in Belgium in 1997. Mary Ann’s involvement was mainly in the Literature Sponsorship Program and editing and facilitating the development and publishing of BLF’s 8-year Sunday School curriculum for Africa. Russ’ role was in training and supervising the Impression Teams, as well as being responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds. Besides their daily responsibilities, Millers served in a local Belgian church as Bible study group leaders and Sunday School teachers.

Since returning to the U.S. in 2005, Millers represent BLF mostly in the mid-western and eastern states, presenting to churches, missions conferences and home groups. They take a team to France each spring to do the projects, mostly construction and renovation projects, that the staff there is too busy to accomplish.

If you would like Millers to come to a group you belong to, please contact the BLF office, or Millers directly, to arrange it. They can update those who know BLF and tell about the challenges and opportunities that BLF USA is getting involved in and/or they can present BLF to those who don’t know it at all. They will share how your group can pray and become involved with BLF to impact the Francophone world for Jesus Christ.







Janet Peluso – Office Manager

Janet is a British transplant. More than 22 years of her working career, both in the U.K. and U.S.A. has been in the distribution of Christian literature within the for-profit and not-for-profit marketplaces. She joined BLF in 2016 and feels blessed to be part of the team. Janet loves sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen, and she understands the importance of the best Christian literature to help nurture and disciple people in their faith walk. Janet looks forward to continuing to serve BLF and you through her work at BLF.